I will update this page as I build my MK1. I have decided that I wish to enter him into the October MCM 2017. I have always loved this Ironman suit and feel it’s the one we see less at a convention yet everyone will know who he is.

Here is my ref picture I aim to replicate.


As you can see he is made of scrap metal, so here is my idea –

1 – Create/find templates.
2 – Make EVA foam panels.
3 – Cover in lightweight metal and/or Worbla. * I change my method due to time. Thos is now an EVA foam build (29/05/2017) 
4 – wire up and have working mechanics on the back.
5 – Add SECRET feature to show on stage.
6 – Enter October MCM 2017 and if successful take him to Santiago Comic-Con.


I will update this thread as I build, Loads more on my YouTube page and Dax79 Facebook. Links in the sidebar!

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