Here in the channel Islands a community is growing. A community of artist’s, fabricators and costume enthusiasts. I’m the admin for Channel Islands Cosplayers #CIcosplayers and I wish to help our small but amazing community grow and show the world what we have.  I will update this page along with the FaceBook page as we grow. I hope you will come be a part of this, who knows what the future holds!


(Mock Banner by Jason Bourgeois. Venue and Date TBC)

In the Channel Islands, there are a few small groups of Cosplayers and costume enthusiasts. I have been reaching out using different media sources from local papers to social media and the response has been incredible with people of all ages wanting more. This is where the dream of C.I-CON was born from.

I’m hoping that with the help of channel islanders, we will run our first ever Channel Island Comic-Con in the not to distant future. If you live in the channel islands and wish to take part in this project or just want to let people know of your love for something like this please like the FaceBook page Channel Island Cosplayers [HERE] or email at CICon@dax79.com 

Jersey Starwars

(Above – Star Wars Jersey Garrison Group)


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