I started to make tutorials on YouTube as lots of people are always asking how I made or fixed things. I will add my Tutorials & Tips here!

2008: Pyramid Head (Move vision) MK2

Pyramid Head MK2

Click here for the Pyramid Head MK2


2012: HALO REACH – Noble 6

Halo reach

Click here for the Halo Reach Spartan


2013: Pyramid Head (Move vision) MK3

Pyramid Head MK3

Click here for the Pyramid Head MK3







2013: The Great Knife (Move vision)

Great Knife

Click here for The Great Knife








2016: Wonder Woman Corset (Dawn of Justice)

Wonder Woman

Click here for Wonder Woman Corset







2016: Plasma Cutter (Dead Space)

Plasma Cutter

Click here for the DeadSpace Plasma Cutter








2016: Engineering Helmet (Dead Space)

Engineering Helmet

Click here for the DeadSpace Engineering Helmet








2014: RoboCop (1987)


Click here for the RoboCop Build







2014: EVA Auto 9


Click here for the EVA Auto 9