Pyramid Head – That Red Pyramid Thing Helmet – Silent Hill 2

That Red Pyramid Thing

I began a ‘How to’ video back in November 2014. Due to myself changing jobs and working hard on Isaac Clarke (DeadSpace 2) I sort of abandoned the video after showing you all how to make the cardboard shell (template). Here is the video below.


Now jump a few years and I finally put the final parts of the video together. Here are Parts 1 & 2 for you – 

Part 1


Part 2



Here are the screenshots from a model I edited.


Left Side Back
Click here for the Left Side Back Ref
Left Side
Click here for the Left Side Ref
Click here for the Front Ref
Right Side
Click here for the Right Side Ref
Right Back Side
Click here for the Right Side Back Ref
Click here for the Back Ref
Click here for the Nose Ref
Click here for the Top Ref








3D Model (Dax79 edit)

I took a model I found on Thingiverse and edited it so I had a 3D model to look around. It’s a scan of the Gecco model from SDCC. Here is the model to help you out!

Click here for 3D stl


Here is an OBJ that needs Unfolding. I will revisit it at a later date.  – HERE


I hope this all helps you and please let me know how your builds go!

Dax79 Out!