In October 2007 after multiple YouTubers contacting me regarding my Silent Hill Movie Pyramid Head Cosplay, I decided to make a step by step set of videos to help everyone out.

Thanks to this set of videos I found myself being contacted by many incredible people, from well-known cosplayers and magazines to first-time con goers and parents wanting to do something different for their children’s school Halloween parties.

Some stories I have received have been incredible and seeing photographs of the costumes created by my videos inspire me to continue “The build”.

After my first cardboard Helmet getting damaged I decided to post these two videos back on the 1st of October 2007 of my DAXMK2



 I had great responses and cosplayers loved the simplicity of this build. The finished product was then shown for its first time here back on the 11th of October 2007


As this was my first set of tutorials I discovered I did get a few parts wrong with explaining the dimensions of the helmet also many of my viewers and subscribers were from Brazil and Mexico (how unexpected!).  So I made a video showing the pattern I drew from the projection booth I worked at when the first film played at the Cinema back in 2006. You will notice in this video how thin I was. I was extremely ill with an overactive thyroid  and making videos where becoming an issue due to my hands shaking and the lack of sleep I was getting with the side effect of insomnia.


This is still a highly used video and I still get over 10 emails a week with questions and queries regarding this cosplay, with the main question that is asked every week since 2007…

“Will you sell me your Silent Hill Pyramid Helmet?”

The answer is “NO!” (Its long gone! since a storm that hit over 9 years ago!)

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