This is a set of videos I made during my 1987 Robocop build. It was a lot of trial and error and took around a year to build. He debuted at the MCM Comic-Con 2014 and since then he has been out at charity events making money for different children’s charity groups….

Your Move Creep!

So I did not make it by my own deadline as I wished in the video above. But it did not stop me in finishing him!!!

I only tried the full suit (Without feet) on once during the build. It took two people to help me get it on and over 1 hour. It was hot and the realisation that I will be wearing it for over 6 hours slowly crept in.

After returning for the MCM I made this video regarding the trip. I can safely say I have the Convention bug and will return for more! I made some fantastic friends and realised there are more people out there that think like me. I’m not completely crazy or shall I say there are people that are as crazy as me, either way, I found my ‘People’

 RoboCop will return.