As building cosplay costumes is a hobby, I find funding the builds hard. My YouTube channel brings in some cash that goes straight back into my Cosplay builds.

I wish to build bigger and better costumes and funding is a limitation at times. Luckily if you win a cosplay competition there is usually a cash prize and this is how I funded Issac Clark.

Maybe you’re a multimillionaire with a dream to be Batman but don’t have the skills to become the Dark Knight, well feel free to donate to Dax79 and I will live that dream for you!  If you wish to help me with a tube of glue to a sheet of Worbla feel free to Donate. I will be discreet if you wish, or I will shout your name out and let the world know you helped!


Also feel free to contact me about any Cosplay builds, Short films or appearances. I have been invited to computer game openings and charity events to showcase my Cosplays but I need plenty of notice before the event to arrange to travail and making the necessary plans.

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