After seeing the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, I saw two costumes that made me go “WOW”. The Bat-Mech Suit and Wonder Woman’s outfit. Now I’m not into Crossplay and the idea of me in a little corset may bring a tear to your eye and nightmares to follow… But I can still make one!

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyrCL6-upHI[/embedyt]

The Corset is made of 3mm EVA foam. The same stuff used to put down on the ground before you set up an inflatable garden swimming pool.  I made a Worbla Eagle that flows down her back with holes punched through so it can be laced up.

As I said in the video, I will try to help where I can. Here are the templates I created. I hope they help you and I would love to see any finished products or W.I.P’s.

Click here for the Corset Base PT1

Click here for the Corset Base PT2

Click here for the Corset Base PT3

Click here for the Corset Base PT4

Click here for the Corset Base PT5

Click here for the Breast cup Size D

Breast Plate
Click here for the Breast Plate

Click here for the Tiara

Click here for Corset Ribs 1&2

Click here for Corset Ribs 3&4

Click here for Corset Rib 5

Click here for Corset Rib 6

Click here for Corset Rib 7

Click here for Corset Rib 8

Click here for Corset Rib 9

Click here for Corset Ribs 10&11




















33 thoughts on “WONDER WOMAN CORSET (Dawn of Justice)

  1. Hello!! Brave soul over here trying to make this costume for my teen daughter to wear this Halloween… I have gotten all the patterns, but Corset Rib 9 is missing.. can you possibly update the link? I appreciate your work soooo much!! consider me a new fan 😉

    • Thanks! I will add it as soon as I find it. I would draw another but the corset is in storage at the moment. If you take the rib before and after you should be able to draw out the missing one… Sorry!!

  2. I was wondering what else did you put on the eva foam to make sturdy and hold up? On your video i see when u put it together is sturdy.

    • It’d just the foam holding itself up. 3mm eva is very sturdy if all the parts fit well.

      I hope your finding my videos and site helpful with more coming soon 🙂

  3. Hello, you have the best diy costume of Wonder Woman!! And I would like to copy it for myself. Can you pls tell me the name of the brand of the spray paint you use for the Pompeii red color and the gold/brass color? Also you mentioned u sprayed it with pva? Is that right?
    Thank you!

  4. thank you for posting this, i have no idea how to make a corset and searching endlessly online for tutorials was hard. I quite like yours because you laid it out flat so it was helpful. I have a question, what was your painting process was like for the golden parts? What paint or other materials did you use for that process? Thank you 🙂

    • Glad to have helped. The gold parts I used an undercoat on the Worbla, then some furniture gold paint and that was that. I will add brass paint to it when I finish it as I find the gold to bright. I will post a video when I return to this costume. Good luck with your build!

  5. Hi Sir,
    I would like to ask how did you connect the R2,R3 and L2,L3 together since the shape between them is different . Is it the curve shape when you stick it together?

  6. I was wanting to know if you’ve been able to make the rest of this costume yet. I’d really love a template for the belt and her armor; the legs and shoe pieces. And also the skirt too! And what percent do I need to print this out so it’s the right size and whatnot?

    • I will be revisiting the costume as it is going on display soon. I will be making some new videos regarding this. Keep an eye on my facebook page for updates.

  7. I know everyone will roll their eyes, and I feel silly asking, but how do you make this a different for someone who is a different size than your wife? Thank you for your time. Your work is amazing!

    • Hi,
      The best way is to add the file into photoshop and change the scale. I’m glad you like and I hope you are successful in your build!

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