Silent Hill: Road of Guilt

A Fan Film by Bad Frequency Productions

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It took a year to make on a zero budget and during a pandemic, but we hit our deadline to release this “Love letter” on Silent Hill 2’s 20th Anniversary.

Red Pyramid (Dax79) & James Sunderland (Matt Perkins)


Road of Guilt Trailer 2
Road of Guilt Trailer 1


Road of Guilt sees James Sunderland (played by Matt Perkins) recovering an old set of therapy sessions between himself and Dr Finch. James then heads to a ley line hotspot where a rift has potentially opened between our realm and the realm of the Otherworld in order to take care of some “unfinished business.”

Matt Perkins as Silent Hill 2 protagonist James Sunderland
Teaser #2

If You Enjoyed It, Why Not Hear What the Creators Had To Say!

After the premiere, the creators, Leigh Thorne – Writer/Director, Ruben Abreu – Cinematographer/Director and lead actor Matt Perkins, stuck around to talk ROG during a Livestream. Check it out below!

Q&A After Show Livestream!


Writer and Director – Leigh Thorne

Director and Cinematographer – Ruben Abreu

Costumes and Props – Dax79


Release Infomation

Silent Hill: Road of Guilt – A Fan Film – will was released on

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