I do enjoy Volging from time to time. If I’m heading to a event or find something of interest I have been known to grab my phone and film myself.
I will add some of my highlights here for your enjoyment.

Published on 15 Nov 2015
This is a blog of my Silent Hill Live experience.
[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8P82uEpouk[/embedyt]

I headed over to the UK from Jersey on foot to see the Silent Hill Band’s first UK tour.
All ran smoothly and I arrived at the venue with plenty of time.
I got talking to a guy involved with the gig during the day and later helped with some media/technical issues.
This is where my night became incredible…
I got VIP treatment, I was given access to the ‘Pit’ (Front of the stage) Backstage, I got a 10 min one to one with Akira Yamaoka then dressing room access.
I also meet Karina Scuteri who is our UK Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, She was such a nice woman and I hope to hear her again.
Then to finish off the night I got some last minute photos with the rest of the band and a free Silent Hill Live T-Shirt thrown in.
The atmosphere was amazing, the music was amazing and all in all my night was amazing.
Also, it was great when some of my subscribers came and said “hello”.
Feel free to check out my front row footage in my previous videos on youtube. Akira gave me permission to post the videos. It was only fair to ask him due to me being so close.

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