On the 29th of April 2013, I uploaded a new video for my MK3 Pyramid Head Cosplay.  This was due to my old Helmet getting damaged once again and I as Dax79 need to have a Pyramid Head Cosplay!! The New Silent Hill film, Silent Hill Revelation altho not the film I hoped it to be, did have some great scenes with Red Pyramid and having it in 3D helped with getting the MK3 to look great. I posted two videos on the helmet.



I found a small locked 3D file of the helmet randomly on the net back when Silent Hill Downpour came out in the US. I have never been able to unlock the file for editing but it is a great file to help with angels and to really see what you need to do.The rear cog is a present from me as it’s far better that the one in the helmet file.

Pyramid Head pdo File pdo
Click here for the Pyramid Head pdo File
Rear Cog pdo
Click here for the Rear Cog pdo File

To open the files you will need Pepakura Viewer. You can get it for free HERE. Once you become more custom to it I would highly recommend buying the designer version so you can edit and make your own files! (Yes, Up that scale and get it on your head!)



4 thoughts on “PYRAMID HEAD HELMET DAXMK3 (Silent Hill Movie)

  1. Hey dax I’m looking to build the pyramid Head and you given good dimensions for the big triangles pieces but how go about actually attaching everyone as well as adding the rim around the helmet

  2. Hey dax, I’m up to make this helmet for a cosplay and so I discovered your great work. I want to do exactly the same helmet as seen in the movie like you did, but I’m really lost with the dimensions and don’t know how to figure them out. Can you tell me the dimensions you used for the basic helmet? I’m really stuck in there.

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