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I have some exciting news!

My Red Pyramid Thing has secured a place in the NYCC x MCM Comic-Con 2020 Masquerade! Looks like one good thing came out of the COVID-19 outbreak! I will keep you all updated, and I hope you tune in to see me battle it out for prizes and bragging rights!

Can I become a Cosplay Champion?

I have entered my newest Cosplay “That Red Pyramid Thing” from Silent Hill 2 (Playstation 2). He’s been getting a lot of online love mainly due to the Silent Hill expansion pack for Dead by Daylight where he takes on Cheryl Mason as The Executioner.

That Red Pyramid Thing – By Dax79

More about the On-line NYCC & MCM Comic-Con 2020 Masquerade

Click HERE to know more about the event. The Livestream will be on Saturday 10th October. I will update you all soon on the time and when! If you want to keep up-to-date, please head to my Facebook page for updates.

Dax79 Cosplay Facebook Page HERE.

I Hope you Tune in!

Here is a link to the official Metaverse Convention, now and future events! HERE – Why not buy a t-shirt 😉

NYCC & MCM Comic-Con 2020

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