Galaxy Comic-Con 2020 – Day 2

Dax79 – Guest Cosplayer

Day 2 – Sunday 23rd February 2020

I was back at the Royal Jersey Agricultural & Horticultural Society Showground nice and early to check my Dax79 booth/table and get a coffee in me before the doors opened at 10 am.

Today I decided to start off in my Ghostbuster cosplay. The reason, it was cold and its a warm flight suit! Outside I had prime parking as my Ecto Van was parked at the front entrance along with the 80 foot StayPuff!

Picture by Garry Peck

Unfortunately due to high winds, StayPuff did not Stay Puffed!

Picture by Steve Baudains

The Jersey Ghostbusters #JSYGB

The Jersey Ghostbusters

There were 9 of us at Galaxy Con (8 pictured). The Ghostbuster set was built by the team over a few months which included a Containment Unit, Proton Packs from all three (To date) films and a cool Terror Dog mounted head trophy!

Sparky’s Propshop built an amazing pair of Ecto Goggles that were added to their raffle. The one ticket would win all the prizes to a prize worth over £800!

Sadly, I did not win 🙁

Cosplay 2 – That Red Pyramid Thing

BlueJam77 as Groot

BlueJam77 and I used Galaxy 2020 to premier our new Cosplays. We both wore them on both days as we wanted as much exposure as possible for them. As I stood next to Bluejams huge cosplay I decided to then wear my movie version of Pyramid Head next!

Cosplay 3 – Pyramind Head – Movie Version.

I did a few laps of the con floor in my favourite cosplay that has done me so well for such a long time. As usual, everyone loved him and now I’m keeping my eyes out for any photos of him!

Dax79 with CIWW Team!

Cosplay 4 – Léon: The Professional

After the weight of that helmet I decided it was time to pop on another easy cosplay, so out came Léon again. I now decided to have a walkabout and see what else was going on here!

A Busy Jersey Ghostbuster area
Steve Baudains – Galaxy Presenter

I had a walkabout and took in the sights. We had some photo ops, stalls and a food area. I almost bought some Lazer disks from the retro area! Starting to wish I had picked them up!

Steve Baudains from Imperial Light and Magic did a great job narrating live during both days telling the spectators on what to see and where and when. Michael Lopes, the creator of Galaxy Comic-Con was also seen constantly running around working hard to make sure everything was running smoothly, between these two guys working hard everything looked to be on point with no issues.

Cosplay 4 – Ghostbuster

I was not intending to suit and boot up again, But Mark the head Doctor asked for us all for the raffle draw! Any reason to get the pack on my back!
The Draw! Well done Susan!

At 4 pm, the doors closed and Galaxy 2020 was over. All I could hear were great things. The event had been a success and Coplay was now looking stronger than ever!

1st-time cosplayer Ric Bois wore his Warhammer 40k cosplay both days and won the masquerade. Each time I saw this massive cosplay stomping about, I felt like cosplay now had a ‘bigger’ presence in Jersey.

Ric Bois – Winner of Galaxy Comic-Con 2020

The End

Nothing to see

The doors were closed and we all packed up and left. It took me 45 minutes to pack my van. I made some new friends and some great memories here at Galaxy 2020. As I left I was invited to the afterparty and had a chat with Michael Lopes. Michael thanked me for my time and highlighted that Dax79 Coplay is always welcome as a guest at future Galaxy events.

Keep an eye on for information regarding Cosplay in Jersey.

The Ecto-Van was packed and there was no way I was going to make it to the afterparty with the pain in my legs and work in the morning.

Back of the Ecto-Van
My passenger – Pyramid Woman

I had a great time and hope you did too. If you have any pictures of any of my cosplays or of my Dax79 area, please contact me or tag me on Facebook. My next booked Con is Ecto-Con and I’m also looking into heading to the Birmingham MCM!

Dax79 out!