WINNER! “Best Fan Film”

End of Days Film Festival

“Winner – Best Fan Film”

WINNER! “Best Fan Film” End of Days Film Festival! We are so happy to have started 2022’s film festive season with a win! This short film was only possible due to the hard work of all involved. We hope this win shows Konami that there is still lots of love for Silent Hill. Let’s see if this is the start to many more wins!

Leigh Thorne, Matt Perkins and Ruben Abreu

About End of Days…

The End of Days Film Festival showcases short action, sci-fi, horror, drama, and comedy films portraying an imminent threat to an individual, society, or the world. We love apocalyptic-themed movies but are open to everything as long as it has a good storyline! We also accept music videos and student films.

Leigh Thorne & Ruben Abreu

Meet The Creators’

Leigh Thorne – This film was a ‘Love Letter’ to the Silent Hill community, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Konami game “Silent Hill 2”.

This short was written in a manner to give joy to the fans of the franchise but is enjoyable for anyone without any knowledge of the games and characters.

This dark psychological short was filmed with zero budget, during a pandemic and the cast and crew all have full-time jobs, with this in mind, the film took 1 year to make.

We hope you enjoy this trip down the ‘Road of Guilt’.

I will update you on more festivals of this Dax79 Cosplay film!