Dax79 Cosplay Guest – Galaxy Comic Con 2020

Galaxy Comic Con 2020

It’s an honour to have been invited to Galaxy Comic Con 2020 by Prestige Events Jersey!
I look forward to seeing some amazing Cosplays, and hope some Cosplayers in the UK and France jump on a ferry or plane!
Get them Glue Guns out!

Galaxy Comic Con 2020 Cosplay Judges and guests are –  Dax79 Cosplay, Bluejam77 Cosplay and RSkittless_Cosplay! Follow them links and like their Facebook pages!


A good friend and usually my partner in crime, Bluejam77. Located in Jersey CI,  he’s a big Fallout cosplayer and you may have seen his massive set of EVA foam Fallout Power Armer! If you wish to impress this judge think Big, Think Steampunk, Think Wasteland…

RSkittless Cosplay

Located in Guernsey CI is your next judge. A familiar face at an MCM, RSkittles. Want to win this judge over? Well, you better get the seams right as she will be looking at them! Fabrics and textures! If you like your StarWars and Harry Potter she may give you a win! 


You know me, how will you catch my eye? Thinking of entering Galaxy’s Masquerade? Cool! Here is what I like…  Lights, Sounds, shiny things. If it’s Mech, I’m all over it. But don’t let that put you off. I’m also a huge fan of Horror, cover that face and let your shadow self out for a few minutes.

What else will I be up to?

Keep an eye on my facebook page and here on Dax79.com for updates on Galaxy Comic Con 2020 and what I will be doing this February also there is a new Galaxy Comic Con Cosplay group to chat Cosplaywhere I will be in the background reading and learning all about your work. Here is a link – Galaxy Cosplay.

Here is a look at Galaxy 2018

Will We See You There?

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