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I hope you have been keeping an eye on my fan film “Silent Hill: Road of Guilt”

I have created a page HERE where updates and information will be posted. Remember to bookmark the page and I hope you are as excited to see Silent Hill Road of Guilt as I am making it!


Road of Guilt sees James Sunderland (played by Matt Perkins) recovering an old set of therapy sessions between himself and Dr Finch. James then heads to a ley line hotspot where a rift has potentially opened between our realm and the realm of Silent Hill in order to take care of some “unfinished business.”

Cinamatorgrapher Ruben Abreu

The extremely talented Filmmaker Ruben Abreu is behind the camera and filming on Blackmagic. Directed by both Ruben and myself, Leigh. We are working very closely together to create an amazing final product. Here is a look at one of Rubens short films “Chaos” which is a great showcase of his direction and style.

Behind the Scenes

Filming during a pandemic and in extremely cold winter here in the Channel Islands has been a challenge, but the footage we have “In the Can” is looking great! A few scenes are still left to film at this time (28.02.21). The Offical “Silent Hill: Road of Guilt” Facebook page has some pictures of our Cast and crew on set and location. Feel free to have a look, Like and Share!

Night Shoot – The Road of Guilt
Directors Leigh Thorne & Ruben Abreu


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