Galaxy Comic-Con 2020 – Day 1

Dax79 – Guest Cosplayer

Day 1 – Saturday 22nd February 2020

Being invited to a local convention is great as I could get lots of my work there to display. I was planning on wearing my Iron Man MK1, but he got so much love when I stood him on his stand that I left him there for everyone to see and get selfies with.

Wearing my Jersey Ghostbuster Cosplay. More on them in Day 2 post

On Day 1, I had prints available of four of my cosplays. All I asked on day one was if you wanted a print could you donated some money in the Headway Jersey donation bucket that was located in the Galaxy Con Entrance.

Cosplay 1 – DeadSpace

Isaac Clarke Cosplay

First up was Isaac from DeadSpace 2. The reason is that at 11:40 I was presenting my cosplay talk ‘Walkthrough to a Win’, a useful talk that I have now given at other Cons to help new cosplayers.

Walkthrough to a Win by Dax79

I went through the prosses of deciding, researching and creating a cosplay also talked and demoed putting a performance together for entering at a professional grade Masquerade. There was a fantastic turnout with all the seats taken.

The reason I wear Isaac is that he has many different types of materials on him, great to show the audience as references. This may be the last time this cosplay comes out as he is beginning to fall apart! But he is one of my favourite cosplays for comfort!

I hope you enjoyed the talk and I may post a recording of this talk soon on my Dax79 Youtube channel.

Cosplay 2 – That Red Pyramid Thing

Red Pyramid from Silent Hill 2

After the talk, it was time to premiere my new cosplay. ‘That Red Pyramid Thing’ from the Video Game Silent Hill 2 (2001). This has been a highly anticipated cosplay with my Dax79 followers and it was great to finally have him ready and on a con floor.

He’s much easier to wear that my film version but the helmet is only polystyrene so I was afraid that someone would put their finger through the helmet. Luckily the spectators at Galaxy had lots of respect for the cosplayers and displays and nothing was broken.

Cosplayers at Galaxy Comic-Con 2020

As you can see, the game Red Pyramid is much smaller than the movie version of Pyramid Head. Picture by Vince Thorne.

Cosplay 3 – Léon: The Professional

Léon on the Throne

Then it was time to wear an easy confutable cosplay as it was almost time for the masquerade. Your three judges were – Dax79 Cosplay,  Bluejam77 Cosplay and RSkittless_Cosplay! Follow the links and like their Facebook pages!

BlueJam77, Dax79 and RSkittles

This was the 1st full masquerade to take place in Jersey and I was proud to have been asked to help judge.

Winners of Galaxy 2020

With a massive turnout, the chosen winners – Best in Show – Space Marine – Warhammer 40k, Adult runner up – Iron Man – Concept armour. 1st place Junior – Claptrap – Borderlands 3 and 2nd place (Not pictured) Sushi – Just Dance.

Well done to everyone who entered and made this the best 1st masquerade to take place in the channel islands!

The masquerade was sponsored by the Powerhouse and all our winners received vouchers to get whatever they wish from there.

The End of the Day

Interactive Dance Show
View from the stage – The Masquerade

The day came to an end and all you could hear was people talking about coming tomorrow and what costume they could find to wear. All in all, day one was a blast and I was excited for day 2!

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