How to Cosplay – Ramona Flowers

How to Cosplay Ramona Flowers by Dax79

Here is one for the girls. A basic costume with a little bit of work. Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs The World is a fun cosplay that is very recognisable on the Con floor. As well as some easy to find items, with this one you may want to make her weapon to carry and you will need to add her signature star onto her bag.

She has two well-known color variations. Blue and Purple. Here is a breakdown of her purple variation.

Ramona Flowers

(Film Version)

Things you need.

1 – Purple fishnet stockings. Here they are on Amazon {LINK}

2 – Dark Blue mini skirt with a small zipped pocket. Here is a great one on Amazon {LINK}

3 – Thick brown Belt (Second studded belt to hang off her hips if you are doing her comic book version) Here is a Men’s belt that looks perfect for her belt in the film on Amazon {LINK}. Here is the second belt for her hips on Amazon {LINK}

4 – Mohair / Wool purple sweater with a blue and red stripe across the chest if you’re lucky to find one. Here is a basic one on Amazon that looks the part {LINK}

5 – Blue t-shirt. Here is one on Amazon {LINK}.

6 – Two thin black cord chokers. To do this I would recommend popping to a fabric shop and get about two feet of thin black cording trim to size then knot both cords around your neck. Or buy this set on Amazon, it includes the Chocker from the film {LINK}

7 – Purple Wig. Here you go, just style it and you are done! Amazon {LINK}

8 – Welders / Steampunk goggles. Here they are on Amazon {LINK}

9 – Small round messenger bag with a brown star on it. Here it is on {LINK}. Or get a small bag and add the star yourself.

10 – Knee-high boots, Black.Something like these on Amazon {LINK}


11 – Blue hoodie (With white stripes down arms if possible) This is a plan on Amazon {LINK}

12 – Dark Green coat. This will do the job on Amazon. {LINK}

13 – Black fingerless gloves. Here they are on Amazon {LINK}


14 – Large hammer.

Head to the hardware / DIY store and get a wood or plastic pole. Then get a block of polystyrene and cut to shape. Heat up that glue gun and paint it up! Remember to test your paints on polystyrene as some paint will eat through it like acid on Michael Biehn’s chest.

If you decide to put this cosplay together please let me know!

Dax79 out!

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