May London MCM Countdown 2018

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Let’s Try Again…

In October 2017, I was all ready to head from the Channel Islands to London for my favourite comic-con, The MCM.

Unfortunately, I got ill, Really ill. I was quarantined with suspected meningitis and watched headlines of the event from a room on the fourth floor of the hospital. I missed taking the MK1 out for his first con and saw the MCM from snippets on Instagram.

That was an expensive con even though I never made it! Losing the money on Priority weekend tickets, ships and hotels. I was the designated driver so my cosplay buddy also missed the event and I was also transporting some cosplay weapons over to help another (Very talented) cosplayer Trimmerlist Cosplay I hope she got them through customs at the airport!

Will I make it this May?

I’m taking the same line-up and I’m very excited! Will I see you and what are you taking?

Day 1
Leon the professional

This will be my Friday costume. I have some new additions for him this year. I have his signature primary weapon, the Beretta 92FS Resin film prop and I’ve now got his assassins vest including his bolt cutters and grenade belt. Maybe a photo of the ‘Ring Trick’ is in order…


Day 2

Isaac Clarke – Dead Space 2

A change here due to health. Pyramid head has a heavy helmet and the great knives not too light either.  So this Saturday I will take Isaac out for a spin! He’s a very comfortable costume and I need my strength for Sunday! #watchthisdeadspace

Day 3

Ironman MK1

 My new Cosplay for 2018  – Iron man MK1. Hopefully, he will be chosen for the MCM Masquerade. He’s entered but I’m still waiting for the confirmation. If he makes it in he will be in the Sunday masquerade. Are you entered? or will you be watching?

Here is the scene I used for all my references and I also used this to compile my masquerade performance. Enjoy. More updates coming soon!


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