So the count down has begun for the #mcmLDN16 Comic-con. I have three cosplays for the three days.

Day 1
Leon the professional


This will be my easy day 1 costume and I may wear it for the Mcm party! Will I find a Matilda for a photo or two?

Day 2
Pyramid Head


My signature Cosplay. I will be looking for victims on the Saturday. I will have my new Great Knife with me ready to slice and dice!

Day 3

Issac Clark – Deadspace 2


 Issac Clark will be going crazy looking for dead loves and debating what is reality on the Sunday. He will be stomping his way through the MCM hoping to get into a sneaky zebra video. #watchthisdeadspace

2 thoughts on “MCM COUNTDOWN

    • So glad you like the site! Hopefully, my HUB will grow into a fun place to loiter in. I hope your excited to see Isaac Clark as he is about to be revealed so continue to #watchthisdeadspace.

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