The MCM London Comic-Con begins tomorrow! If you have not seen the show book yet, here it is!

This will be an ‘easy’ convention for me this October as I can not bring any large cosplay Costumes with me. So a little networking I feel coming on. Here is a look at the layout this October –


This MCM I will spend more time in the VidfestUK  section as requested by some of my YouTube subscribers. If you see me feel free to come say Hi and for those who requested I see them, please let me know who you are!

Last year I was lucky enough to be filmed by an English youtube channel RedShirt Films who this year will be promoting their work. I have a good feeling regarding this group of young filmmakers, much like I did when Sneaky Zebra were taking off (Now look at them) So I recommend you go say Hi!

You can see the RedShirt Films video HERE

I will be cosplaying Leon on Saturday


I will be cosplaying The Guilty Remnant (Leftovers) On Sunday


I look forward to another weekend of memories!

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