Promo – CICon18

That was extremely successful! Here in the channel Islands, I’m working closely with a gaming expert, Kelly Langdon on creating Jerseys very first conversation, C.I.Con. She also has the same dream. To see a pop culture event held on our beautiful island. She knows the gaming side, I know the Cosplay side. This should turn into a fantastic event!

What do you think?

I will update with info from where and when including guest panelists, actors, and of course cosplayers.

Back to the 29th of April 2017… Issac Clarke hit the streets of Jersey along with plenty of other Channel Island Cosplayers to bring awareness of our intentions and help with the marketing research side. A clipboard is boring… A clipboard and a Wookie is not so boring!

Would you travel to the channel Islands for a convention?

Would you Cosplay at CICon18?

I hope to see you at the future event and I hope the islanders and any potential sponsors feel as excited as I do!  

#watchthisdeadspace for more news on #CICon18 coming soon.

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