Film and Comic Con Bournemouth – Dax79’s Timetable

Come Say Hi!

Event: Film and comic Con Bournemouth
Date: 16th – 17th March 2019

I have had the pleasure of being invited to the Showmasters Film and Comic-Con Bournemouth this march. Here is a timeline of what I will be doing so come to say HI!

Head to the Cosplay Zone and you will see three cosplay guests. SqueakehBVanillaPink Cosplay, and Dax79 Cosplay! I will be at my Booth/table until 10:15 on Saturday and 11:45 on Sunday, then if you head to the stage I will be holding a talk “Walkthrough to a Win”.

Sat -10:15. Sun 11:45


My talk is aimed at Cosplayers wanting to know the prosses on picking and making a cosplay and then how to create a performance piece that could get you a win at a convention. I will be happy to take any questions too! I hope my experiences as a winner help you in your own journey into entering your 1st masquerade! Or maybe you wish to hear another cosplayers direction on how to structurize your performance? Either way, I would love you to join me!

Sat – 10:50. Sun – 12:20

I will be at my booth/table. I will have my baby, a Prusa MK3 3D printer with me! I will have a 3D print giveaway going on as long as all the health and safety aspects are ok at the venue. If all is permitted, I will have a prop printing and it can be yours if (Jigsaw voice) you want to play a game with me. 

Giveaway Rules!

  1. Guess what is printing!
  2. Like my Dax79 Cosplay Facebook Page!
  3. Find the post that I will have created regarding the giveaway and comment on what you think the prop is.
  4. (Bonus points) Take a selfie at my Booth/Table and post it in the giveaway post.
  5. The winner will be randomly picked after the convention!!!!!

Remember, If you have liked my page and left a comment on what you think is printing, you could soon own the prop!

Sat – 1:30. Sun – 1:25

I will now be wearing my Léon the professional cosplay (For comfort) as its prejudging time for the masquerade!

I look forward to seeing what you have made and how you have made it! Remember, I’m a sucker for armor and lights! 🙂 

Sat & Sun – 2:35

I will be back at my booth/table. I will have some prints available and feel free to come chat, take photos or just quiz me on my projects. I may have my W.I.P with me of my new build. Also if you now check out the 3D print, you may have more of an idea on what it is 😉 If anyone collects Coscards I will have a limited amount of my cards with me too.

Sat & Sun – 3:20

It’s that time! The Masquerade! I’m super excited to see your work and I look Foward to sitting on the panel of judges.

Who will win? Will it be you?





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