Easy Cosplay – Léon: The Professional

Easy Cosplay #1 by Dax79

Here is one of my personal favourite easy cosplays. Sometimes the simple costumes are the most effective. Remeber to find a good reference then get them search engines started. I found that the Real Masterpiece: Léon The Professional 1/6 Scale Figure by Enterbay is a fantastic reference. Google it and you will get all the details correct.


Things you need.

1 – White or black thermal vest. White is the most famous and recognisable. Here it is on Amazon {LINK}

2 – Y Shaped Black Suspenders. Here they are on Amazon {LINK}

3 – Black trousers. They should be slightly too short showing his white socks if you wish to go for authenticity. Here they are on Amazon. {LINK}

4 – Dark brown shoes or boots. Oddly the continuity during the film switches from shoes to boots. Here are some examples on Amazon; Boots {LINK} Shoes {LINK}

5 – Three button black trench coat 3/4 length. One size too big. This is due to him carrying weapons beneath in his assassin’s vest. A good example is this one on Amazon {LINK}. I would recommend charity shops as they can be very expensive new.

6 – Beanie hat. A standard extremely dark grey hat will suffice or black will pass. Here is a hat on Amazon {LINK}.  Or, if like myself you wish to own an exact film replica you can get it here at a cost {LINK}

7 – Round sunglasses. In the film, Jean Reno wears JUNIOR GAULTIER 58-0072 and they are very expensive. The last pair to sell at auction won at $8.320. There is authenticity and then there is crazy. I found these on eBay that will do the job. {LINK} My newest find is some fantastic replicas from a company called – http://www.magnoliprops.com/ They cost around $80 but worth it if you are a serious Leon Cosplayer. Here is an UnBoxing video by myself.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0eIwdC7dD8[/embedyt]

8 – A handgun. Leon’s primary weapon is his Beretta 92FS. But any handgun from a toy shop will do. Here is one on Amazon {LINK}

There you have a simple costume. If you wish to add more to this you can carry a large gun case that doubles up as a great shopping bag. Maybe carry an Aglaonema plant with you. If you wish to do a duo cosplay why not ask a friend to join you as Matilda?

Here are some shots of my Cosplay.


Photographs by Nicole Thorne

Dax79 out.


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