I wanted to give you a quick overview of each day at the MCM London Comic-con, May 2016. Day 1.

After around 9 hours of traveling myself and cosplayer BlueJam77 finally reached the Excel center in London. I took a huge Van and tackled London traffic and reached our destination without any issues. Without a hotel room we had to dress in our day 1 cosplays in a disabled toilet, luckily this was not the strangest thing the staff would be seeing leaving the toilets this weekend. Strangely enough, the dipsy receptionist did ask us if we knew of anything going on at the Excel center.  At the time, we looked like this…

We headed into the center and had our weapons check. One they checked our guns and marked them, into the building we went!


I had a great walk around and enjoyed the stalls picking up a fun pikachu for my daughter. I had fun at the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ stand reaching the Abigail collecting a Zombie head but could not face putting my face into the guts of a half eaten man (I did not want to get blood on my white shirt… really!)


Then it happened! the moment I was waiting for!! Matilda found me!


She was such a fantastic cosplayer so go check her out on Instagram! User pse56750. I Tweeted this picture and Jean Reno The actor who played Leon responded with –

leon rep

Well, I know my beard is not as fine as his but I will work on it harder next time! My plant was a centerpiece as the others ate lunch. Then it was back to walking around. I was stopped for photos so if you have any please contact me so I can check them out! So I checked out the Cosplay corner and said “hi” went and looked at the stage to get an idea what I will be performing on, on Sunday!

I did lots more before we headed back to the hotel to checked in.  Then I spent the night working on my day 3 costume.